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ISOL Announces Successful Completion of Capital Increase
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Innovative Solutions Announce New Partnership
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Innovative Solutions Inc. was ranked in High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2023
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Our Purpose

ISOL leads its clients to solving structural problems based on the “Process-centric Mind”,
business know-how, and advanced technical capabilities.
The paradigm shift towards manpower shortage in Japan has further stressed the importance of structural reforms and innovation,
both of which are not easily obtainable by your company alone.
This is where we come in.

Business Process Consultancy

We support our clients in the standardization of business processes using the international BPMN standard, which is the standard for business process modelling that provides a graphical notation that is comprehensible yet represents complex process semantics.

Software Development

We review the methodology of your conventional systems, streamline and simplify your complex IT landscape. We believe that technology should be fully integrated into your operations to support your business. We hold the technical know-how across classical IT pillars and develop our own services sequentially.

IT Package Implementation Support

We partner with IT solution companies and implement them across Japan and Asia. In order for us to that, our team consistently sources for up and coming overseas IT solutions and thrives on early detection.

Success Stories

Improvement of
warehouse work efficiency by
“Process Visualization”

We are the only solution vendor in Japan for the warehouse management system (WMS) of Manhattan Associates, which has the world’s No. 1 market share. Manhattan’s WMS sets the standard for supply chain innovation by incorporating advanced AI, machine learning technology and proprietary algorithms. It enables you to grasp your work process end-to-end and productivity in the warehouse to support optimization of your logistics services.

Maximizing effects
of software implementation via “Requirement Visibility”

Before diving in into a project, As-Is/To-Be visualization is paramount as it leads to the development of system requirements, further utilizations and test deployments, which all contribute to the improvement of IT project standards and compliance rates.

IT investment decisions
based on results of
“Business Process Analysis”

Process standardizations and efficiency improvements can lead to the reduction of required manpower and cost. There are only advantages in optimizing the efficiency of your workforce. Plan early, and celebrate later.

Our Partners
Sun Planning Systems Co., Ltd.


iGrafx is a leading provider of BPM (Business Process Management) solutions and is based in Portland, USA. Sun Planning Systems Co., Ltd. is the agency in Japan for iGrafx’s solutions. With this powerful tool and our business know-how and solution development capabilities in the SCM domain, we have been able to offer higher value services to our clients.




GeneXus Inc. Uruguay is the manufacturer of the declarative development tool *GeneXus* and is headquartered in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Since the deployment of its first product in 1988, it gained support of advanced engineers from Latin America, North America, and Europe, and pioneered today’s ‘automation of development’. ISOL's CTO Yokoi is the evangelist of this solution and is the most qualified instructor in Japan, who demonstrates the characteristics and advanced capabilities to its full extent to offer the latest solutions to our clients.

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