GeneXus Development and BPR is Innovative Solutions


2014 Founding of Company

Establishment of ISOL with 3 founding members. With the support of Defta Partners, we are headquartered in Yokohama Mitsui Building 15F and moved to a SOHO open concept office thereafter.

2015~2016 Conceptualization of ‘Visibility’

Our first project was a Visibility solution developed for an US sports apparel maker. ISOL provided services that combined process consulting and system development capabilities with GeneXus, a low-code development tool.

2016~2017 Adoption of iGrafx

ISOL came into contact with Sun Planning Systems, a US-based BPR solution developer, and built a new service model that integrates process consulting and system development. This was when the journey of helping clients to realize optimal productivity began.

2018~2019 More than 10

Active efforts put into recruitment. Started new initiatives such as cultivating international interns (Singapore, France, Vietnam, China, Bangladesh etc.) and recruiting new graduates.

2019~2020 Move forward as A Solution Company with Our Clients

Moving forward with clients with several big projects such as a promotion of low-code development for the financial industry, challenging and deployment for data management and success of solution implementation for the logistic industry.


These are the 4 major business domains we are active in.


Organize and analyze complicated as-is operations and create future plans with our customers.

System Development
by GeneXus

Visualize various problems in business operations and processes, and provide solutions that can be solved by IT.

System Implementation Consulting

Introduction, installation and development of excellent solutions in Japan and overseas. We support maintenance after operation.

Original Solutions
w/ our knowledge

Developing and providing our original solutions based on our knowledge and know-how.


I used to work in the IT department of a manufacturing company, and proposed a system that aimed to improve productivity. However, the response from the board members was less forward-looking than I expected. We live in a world that is constantly changing, and in Japan the shortage of manpower is just around the corner. This is our chance to translate productivity improvements into happiness for individuals. We at ISOL create the solutions and company structure that fit into this new era.


It has been over 10 years since I started using GeneXus to bring change to the exhausted Japanese software development scene. Accuracy in defining requirements is key for high-speed software development. We started Innovative Solutions with the aim to propose software development integrated with consulting services, in order to improve our client’s businesses.


I find great value in my work by creating tangible value for my clients. We founded this company to do exactly that.