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Acquiring working log efficiently for process optimization

Knowing whom has performed what task for which tenant for how long
can lead to process optimization in your warehouse and factory.
TTS helps you in grasping those critical information
that allows you to review and analyze the number of hours consumed
for which tenant for which task type and etc.
You would be able to report to your tenant with accurate information
and optimization proposal based on the accurate and detail information
captured through the use of TTS.

Acquiring work log by Worker/Tenant/Task Type

Paper-based reporting is not reliable and require efforts to digitalize information collected.
Check-in/out time management is not precise enough for analyzation of work performance.
WMS (Warehouse Management System) can provide transaction data only.

can work this out for you!

ISOL’s「Task Tracking System」makes reporting easier, as it allows you to get accurate work time data for each individual and task.

Solution for enhancing warehouse productivity at a Reasonable price !

Multi-Tenant Capability

Once you are done with initial registration of standard operations (storage, allocation, picking),
these tasks are automatically added to your company’s task list.
You may add additional task types as required for each warehouse and tenant.
When worker report the start of their task, he/she select which tenant and task type he/she is assigned for.
By doing this, all working records are associated not only by task type but tenant which enables management of data by each tenant.

Enables "Activity-Based-Costing"

You can management and analyze work-hours by tenant and task type based on the information collected by TTS.
Individual hourly rate can be registered in accordance with the type of employment
(permanent, part-time or contract-based) and/or skillset of workers that enables “Activity-Based-Costing”.
Additionally, by combining with transactional data from WMS, you may calculate productivity of each task type and each workers.
This can be a great step towards KAIZEN activities.

Accurate payroll/invoice calculation

With the use of digital data collected through the use of TTS, you can improve your service to your tenant.
You may not only enjoy the efficiency of collecting and managing working data,
you can create various reports such as invoice to your tenant with accuracy.
Those data can be fully utilized for payroll system where TTS can provide working hours as well as hourly rate of each workers.

Take a look at the actual screen! 
Placement of physical devices at the appropriate spot

It is important to place your physical device for registration at appropriate spots to minimize unnecessary movement for workers.

To record your work on TTS,

  1. Shift leaders select tenant and task type in which he/she is about the assign workers,
  2. Assigned workers will hand-out his/her ID and be scanned.

To report the end of you task, simply scan your ID which record the time stamp within the TTS.

Calculating Productivity with WMS transaction data

By integrating transaction data from WMS (Warehouse Management System) with work hour record of TTS you are able to calculate productivity by
・Task type
・Task type by tenant
・Task type/worker


1.Register tenant

Register the tenant at each warehouse.

2.Task distribution / register the process

Register the tasks in 2 levels: ①Category and ②task process

3.Register working staff

Define and register the employment status and set of skills etc.

4.Ready to use! 

Let’s use it! Scan your ID when you start and finish at each work spot! That’s it!

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