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Work shift management using apps

Are You in Trouble with...

STAFF PLANNER Can Work This Out For You

Why don’t you say hello to new digital based work shift management?


Shift management x Shift assigning

Auto-generation function

The work schedule of the whole workforce will be automatically generated by using their initially saved information.

Automatic Update

Once an individual work shift gets updated, the work schedule will change automatically. The manager receives a push notification.

Visualization of work staff

Visualize all individuals’ compatible duties, and available days/hours of work.

Easier communication

Real-time notice

STAFF PLANNER allows you to communicate with your  staff in real-time.

Easy to find substitute personnel

Managers can look for substitute work staff by one click on the app. No need to call anyone.

Go Paperless

No paper needed for shift management and management work in general.

Standardize the work flow

Confirmation of workforce of the day

Managers can confirm the number of workers by date/time/duties.

Easy to view

Easy to see and confirm assigned work by time, floor or number of workers.

Controlling exception work flow

Standardizing various revision
 and regulation processes.

Integrated management for multiple workplaces

Individual settings for multiple business locations like stores or warehouses are available.

Push notifications

Managers are able to receive real-time information. On top of that, if any of the staff changes their schedule, it will be notified to the manager.
Also, information on work shift vacancies is sent automatically to other work staff. This ensures a high rate of attendance at work.

Flexible and Customizable

We are very flexible for your needs and can provide our service at a reasonable price.

  1. Initial Setting

Register the staff’s available work days based on their contract.

  1. Reminder

Confirm the work schedule based on the staff’s available work days of next month.

  1. Notification

If someone changes the work shift, it will be notified to manager.

  1. Fill a vacant post

The message of a vacant post being filled will be sent to all who don’t work at that specific time.

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