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A Little More About Us

Why We Do?

Innovative Solutions Inc (ISOL) was founded in June 2014, aiming to provide end to end consulting and IT solutions with strong management and operational skills in the field of manufacturing and logistics. ISOL helps enterprises big and small to recognize and resolve the root of persisting problems by providing leading-edge IT solutions in today’s world with change as the only constant. Its industry expertise, business network, and IT capabilities can help you innovate to win.

Internship and Graduate Recruitment

On top of a competitive starting salary and benefits, you will have the ability to deepen your knowledge in the field of Manufacturing, Distribution, and IT in Japan and enhance your career. We’ve designed the program to give remarkable candidates like you the business knowledge and training you’ll be able to become a future leader.

At ISOL, we provide you the opportunity to be part of ISOL’s vibrant organization and to work with people who are forward thinking and committed to making a difference.

Who's eligible?

Students who are currently enrolled in a Bachelor/Masters degree in renowned universities, Japanese or foreign, are eligible to apply for our internship programs.
No discipline restrictions.

What Do We Look Out For?

Whatever your background, you’ll need to be:
– A self-starter who is never satisfied with the status quo and can inspire positive change
– A principled professional who is committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior
– A leader who assumes responsibility and follow through your tasks at hand
– A supportive team member who can thrive and build strong relationships with your co-workers

Mid-Career Recruitment

We are dedicated to nurturing talents on various levels, both in Consulting and in Systems Development within ISOL. We believe powerful minds can make unique contributions. Bring your individual strengths to a career at ISOL, and witness how you can create change in the world around you.

Solve real-world problems, make actual tangible contributions, and meet amazing people. Leverage on your individual qualities, and use it to make a difference here.

Who's eligible?

No discipline restrictions.
Although graduates with work experience in IT, Transportation, Business, Manufacturing,
or Supply Chain industries will be preferred.

What Do We Look Out For?

– At least 3-5 years of relevant work experience in IT, Business, Transportation, Manufacturing, or Supply Chain
– Demonstrate sense of urgency and responsibility in order to exceed goals and expectations
– Open-minded toward differences in culture, perspective, and ways of doing business
– Humble as we navigate through complex situations
– And all other positive qualities!

3 Steps

Recruitment Process

Step 1

Please refer to the job description at LinkedIn page, and send your resume and cover letter to info@innovative-solutions.co.jp

Step 2

Applicants who passed the first screening will be invited for the interview session with our Board Members at the office or via the internet.

Step 3

An official offer letter will be issued to welcome you to join our ISOL family.

Job Entries

Consultant in Supply Chain Management

We are a good mix of Japanese and foreigners. We are looking for individuals who have great energy, are enthusiastic, and have a flair in improving the status quo.

①Logistic Business Designing
②Implementation, testing, designing of Warehouse Management System(WMS)

GeneXus Engineers

System development needs to be Horizontal instead of Vertical

What is vertical?
・A structure in which the client for the system is on top, and the development team is the sub-contractor
・Linear development phases: project planning, requirement definition, baseline design, detailed design, development, test, deployment
・Waterfall development scheme (assumes a big-bang start of system operations)

What is horizontal?
・A structure in which the system user and the development team act together on the same level
・prototype building ⇒ on-premise usage ⇒ prototype enhancement ⇒ on-premise usage (loop of testing the prototype and enhancing it again and again)

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