ISOL Announces Successful Completion of Capital Increase


Tokyo, August 9, 2023: Innovative Solutions Inc. (Headquarter at Yokohama-shi, KANAGAWA, CEO: Yutaka Hosoe; will hereinafter be referred to as “ISOL”) is pleased to announce the successful completion of its capital increase from JPY30,000,000 to JPY50,000,000 on August 4, 2023.

This time, we will be converting retained earnings to capital without conducting fundraising. We will continue to strengthen our financial foundation along with our business plan, strive to enhance our services further, and work towards expanding our operations. We aim to make further progress as a company that continues to be trusted by clients and everyone who’s related to ISOL.

Alternation of Capital

Capital increase:JPY20,000,000
Total amount of increased capital:JPY 50,000,000

Thank you very much for your continuous support.

Source: Innovative Solutions Inc.

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