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Our Story

How it began

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Our Mission

Optimizing productivity in the face of declining and aging population in Japan.
Our Milestones


Founding of Company

Establishment of ISOL with 3 founding members. With the support of Defta Partners, we are headquartered in Yokohama Mitsui Building 15F and moved to SOHO open concept office followed thereafter.

Conceptualization of ‘Visibility’

Our first project was a Visibility solution developed for a US sports apparel maker. ISOL provided services that combined process consulting and system development capabilities with GeneXus, a low-code development tool.

Adoption of iGrafx

ISOL came into contact with Sun Planning Systems, a US-based BPR solution developer, and built a new service model that integrates process consulting and system development. This was when the journey of helping clients to realize optimal productivity began.

More than 10

Active efforts put into recruitment. Started new initiatives such as cultivating international interns (Singapore, France, Vietnam, China, Bangladesh etc.) and recruiting new graduates.

What we do

“Optimizing productivity with IT.”

This defines Innovative Solutions Inc.

Our strength lies in “Genba”, labor-intensive elements in the Logistics and Manufacturing industries.

Consulting + iGrafx

As-Is Process Discovery and Analysis in Genba.

System Development with GeneXus

To “visualize” various issues on business processes and solve them with IT solutions

WMS + System Implementation Consulting

IT Solutions Implementations in Japan and maintenance

Original Solutions

In-house solutions based on our knowledge for the Japanese and global markets

These are the 4 major business domains under way.
Why we do

Our strength lies in “Genba”, labor-intensive elements in the Logistics and Manufacturing industries.

Labor force is undoubtedly declining over the years. Low productivity is seen to be “fatal”. We believe in boosting productivity from the ground level and build models that can make improvement sustainable in many years to come. We aim to realize the true value of our customers, and above all, build a rewarding workplace for its employees.

How we do

Based on business know-hows, we create end-to-end process while communicating closing with the Genba in the form of business process flows.

iGrafx, a BPR solution, provides templates for various business models using the BPMN 2.0 specifications.

We promote spiral projects using high-speed development tool called GeneXus. Unlike the conventional waterfall approach, providing a prototype with no gaps in requirements makes it possible for you to imagine the actual operation, eliminating impending issues in advance.

There are great benefits in managing changes in the later part of the projects. IT system projects, which tend to be large in investments, have tendencies to turn to these tools in recent years.

In the same focal area, we offer solutions from Manhattan Associates, one of the world’s leading suppliers of Supply Chain Execution (SCE). The solution has been implemented by many renowned brands worldwide, and it supports efficient and effective deployment through the support of the customer’s WM champion.

Coming Soon.

Yutaka Hosoe


I find great value in my work by creating tangible value for my clients. We founded this company to do exactly that.

Masayuki Kinoshita

Co-Founder SCM

Coming Soon.

Toshikazu Yokoi


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