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Our People
We realize the value in our people.

Our people are passionate about working with clients side by side to pursue and achieve their goals in today’s increasingly competitive market.

Diligence. Respect. Fun.

Harmony within a multi-national community

Yukata Hosoe

Chief Executive Officer

Takuya Kamaguchi

Project Leader

Tina Na

Project Manager

Thierry Walter

Sales Executive
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Jin Zhe

Project Manager

Toshikazu Yokoi

Vice President
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Zheng Cheng

SCM Senior Consultant
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Li Hanlin

System Engineer
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Wataru Mori

Project Manager

Masayuki Kinoshita

Vice President

Jenell Lau

Associate Consultant
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Li Chunshi

Project Leader

Han Hong Liang

System Engineer

Wan Jia

System Engineer
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Yuri Zhao

Associate Consultant

Ryotaro Fukushima


Behestee Hussain

GeneXus Engineer


Making a positive impact everyday is what keeps us going.

I work with great, open-minded colleagues here. We are more than just colleagues, we behave like a family at times. A family that transcends the Japan border with budding multinationalism. My opinions and ideas are greatly valued despite being the most junior in this firm. I am respected as a foreigner and as a woman here. My initial concern of discrimination in Japan was uncalled for after I joined ISOL.
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Jenell Lau, Associate Consultant
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Ryotaro Fukushima, Intern
ISOL leverages on our strength such as Consulting, Logistics, and Genexus knowledge to value-add by creating solutions to existing problems. One particular trait of ISOL lies in its nimbleness to get things done promptly. Not a single day passes the same way as I not only work with Japanese, but colleagues from other countries such as China and Singapore. I find fun and excitement in the workspace here.
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Kamaguchi Takuya, Project Leader
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