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Innovation for Enterprises

Since 2014, ISOL has concentrated its efforts in helping manufacturing and logistics related commerce across Japan. Upholding the Japanese ‘Kaizen’​ (改善) mentality, which means ‘improvement’​, ISOL directs enterprises to improve standardized programmes and processes by eliminating Non-Value Added activities to achieve lean manufacturing and optimization. Our solutions are aimed to strengthen agility and abilities of individuals in tackling the issue of declining population.

Innovative Solutions Inc

What can you achieve with us?

Whether you’re trying to restructure your business processes, assess the effectiveness of a new system, or just want to enhance your existing functions, ISOL offers innovation, insight, and expertise to get the job done. Hit us up, and we can get your process performing like a champion.

Improvement of work productivity

Through improved visibility, process sharing and standardization, monetization plans can then be carried out via simulation and analysis.

Improvement of system development

We use GeneXus as the tool to carry out software development. Prototyping and reviewing with our clients is our way to go to ensure maximization of results.

Improvement of tools provision

We recommend and provide powerful IT tools and softwares such that you are able to work towards sustainable development on your accord, your rules.

We adopt ECRS in your business processes to reduce unnecessary workload and tasks to guide your company to new heights.

Our ECRS Method


Identify non value-added activities, departments, and activities that could be automated. Haven’t you realized many tasks are nothing but a hindrance to distract you from doing what really matter?


Merging replicated or congruent processes across supply chain or within one entity. Due to insufficient communication between different departments or entities, work may be done over multiple times when information and data could be shared easily in today’s context.


Sometimes redistributing responsibilities through your workforce can bring about cost reduction more than expected. Not to mention that we equip you with IT capabilities to automate your tasks that were manually done previously.


Breaking down processes and content of work could help your employees understand their value of work better. Re-designing your program interfaces and functions to something more user-friendly could reduce training and usage time and cost.

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